I began the My First Contact project after seeing unusual glowing orbs of orange light just hanging out in the sky above San Francisco. I was able to photograph and film several mysterious “sky objects” that night, using just my cell phone.

Since then I have filmed even more of what look like a variety of traveling light forms, unusual flying crafts, and glowing orbs above my city’s skyline, using various digital camera formats. Clearly, this is an evolving project. But that’s okay. I’m open to this project’s unpredictable evolution. And in fact, this is a big part of its strong pull for me. This material is so new to me that, as you can see, I have almost no language for describing it. And so, it is a great beginning place.

I see this project really as a “Year In The Life” kind of thing, where I will document whatever I can see in my skies for a year—starting from March 2017, when I captured my first footage. And I will upload new short films to my site here often, so you have the chance to explore these novel experiences with me.

I see this as a beautiful, fascinating, and outrageous adventure that I am quite willingly embarking on, not knowing where it will lead. I find it irresistible. I hope you will too.

And that you will be inspired to film and document what’s happening in your own skies. If you do film something interesting, I invite you to send us your photos and video links. I will post them on our SUBMISSIONS page, where they can be shared with our whole My First Contact “skywatcher” community.

~ Melissa, in San Francisco

P.S. While you’re here, we invite you to check out our SUBMISSIONS Page. There you’ll find images and videos of ORBs and UFOs that people have submitted to us from around the world!

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Additional References—By the way, if you’re interested, here is a link to a PDF online document of recently released CIA files on sightings of unidentified objects that have been viewed in our skies for decades. You can search for sightings in your own area at bluebookarchive.org