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Highlight or underline key points Reread the question to make sure you understand it and to focus your attention when you reread the case study. There is a hidden code in most questions that gives you a clue about the approach you should be taking Decoding the question Here is a typical essay question: Analyse the impact of the employability agenda on the undergraduate student experience. Another type of short answer questions requires a yes or no question answer: where you have to agree or disagree with the given statement. The written questions give you a help answering essay questions bit more trouble b. Let's decode it Understanding the instruction words. Often, this may be as short as 150 words (a paragraph). Make a note of any ideas that you think of You can earn a lot of extra marks in these exams, if you know how to answer the question specifically and producing a well-structured essay. Secondly, a discuss essay should give your opinion, which should be. This helps them to save time and answer questions more effectively.. Select two learning theories, referring to published literature, explain why they are relevant to your own teaching context. You can decide what the focus should be. Would you say that these voyages tended to hasten or to delay the growth of national states? 3 The first group are pretty open-ended: ‘discuss’- and ‘how’-questions leave you room to set the scope of the essay. Use the following as a guide when writing answers to discussion questions and as a checklist after you have written your answer. The first question is an overview of the essay so that the others can be detailed and specific. Explore Needless to say, your answer must be exploratory and thus it is imperative that you adopt a questioning approach when answering such questions Short Answer Questions Short answer questions are almost harder to write than a personal essay, since you usually have a word limit. Never attempt to answer the question you would have liked to have been set rather than the one in front of you – you will usually fail or receive a weak pass if you do. There are three simple steps you can apply in an exam which will help you write a good, solid answer: Revision, planning and timekeeping. Examine the role of women in Parliament since 1918, with reference to key Equality legislation and ask yourself:. Use an academic tone A professional tone is simple, with short, engaging paragraphs that effectively address the audience Answering essay “Discuss” questions Learning Outcome: The aim of this activity is to help you to write discuss style essays that are asking for argument. Task Words Content Words Limiting Words. 1Q is a website and app where you can get paid for answering questions. You don't know what to write about, so you list the vocabulary words associated with the topic d. 3 Answering the Short Answer/Essay Exam. , If you must use an outline for an essay answer, you do not need to use complete thoughts T or F and more 18. Discussion The essay questions of this type require students to provide the main points on the issue and explore them in detail Look for the keywords in your essay question. The assumption is found in one key word: "continue". Then you need to decide whether you agree or disagree, giving reasons for your opinion. All of these, Create an outline that identifies the 5 sections of a 5 paragraph essay. A discuss essay of the highest standard will be logical, flow well and make arguments and statements based on knowledge and evidence, covering all perspectives. Look for literature review in service quality the keywords in your essay question.

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QUESTION: The fifteenth and sixteenth century voyages of exploration produced lasting help answering essay questions changes in the political and social structure of Western Europe. You should include all the most important (key) factors or issues in a subject area, highlighting where there is debate over these, ensuring that both sides of the argument are presented This essay title has two parts. ” “Compare and contrast…. Use the Glossary of task words to help you. 3 Always cite your authorities with red pen: 5. Here help answering essay questions the questions mentioned with sample answers. So it’s Oxbridge Essays to the rescue , with a series of custom essay formats that you can use to answer any one of these common exam question types: ‘Compare and Contrast’, ‘To What Extent’, ‘How does the Writer’, ‘For and Against’ and. History exams are all about preparation. In general, there are six of these Action Words: Define / Definition of Analyze / Analysis of Cause & Effect. Edu] Most essay questions contain an Action Word that you can use to help you organize your response to that question. 4 Dive detailed information about the issues raised in every case:. Discussion The essay questions of this type require students to provide the main points on the issue and explore them in detail Most essay questions contain an action word that you can use to help you organize your response to that question. Explain why a knowledge of a learning theory was or would have been useful in the circumstances. Firstly, check with your teacher about if write on paper they really do only want one factor considered and ask how they intend for you to answer the question. A GOOD ANSWER Often starts with a direct answer to the question Pre-outlines the topics in. Instructions words = explain (twice); reflect on Complete sentences are always necessary in ANY answer to an essay question c.

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